About the liberaltarian

My views tend to be left-leaning or, what in modern terminology is deemed, “Liberal.”

My views also tend to prefer individual rights over the priority of government authority, thus, I can also be called a, “Civil Libertarian:” “Libertarian” for short.

Hey: Liberalterian.

In a nutshell, I would characterize an ideal Liberaltarian government as big but lean, transparent, and friendly, providing back-up plans under circumstances of personal tragedy or distress, carefully but actively enforcing just law, and making sure everyone plays fair once large amounts of money or public safety are involved. Otherwise it would regard what you say or believe, what you write, who you associate with, or who you love or marry as irrelevant. It would cooperate and negotiate with other countries, especially its neighbors, but would not attempt to enforce any sort of global policy on other nations by force or coercion.

It may take a catastrophic economic recession or a world war to turn around the direction of the United States, which I call home. In the polarized faux-dual-party system we presently see, such a government as I imagine is a long way off but maybe we’ll see it some day.

In any event, my perspective is not one I see often represented in the media, or at all, so I will present here my views on history, current events, and social and political issues.


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